> pattern making

We manufacture pattern sets from wood and resin. Our experience let us deal with the most responsible orders. We are specialized in impellers, pump casings, stuffing box covers, bowls, elbows etc. If we deliver also castings, pattern sets are manufactured according to our own casting technology. The kind of wood or resin for the pattern manufacturing is taken depending on a quantity of castings which should be produced with a pattern. It lets us to reduce costs of pattern in a case of producing only a few castings or guarantee a long lifetime of the pattern set when it is needed for long series production.



Pattern sets can be put on a proper plate if it is needed for machine forming. If pattern sets is already existing it is very often necessary to adapt it to technological conditions of a foundry in which it is going to be used for castings production. We also renegenrate old patterns which are damaged due to the long time use.



> castings

Casting is produced basing on a pattern set made by us or eventually delivered by our customer. We deliver steel, iron as well as colored castings. Long series production is taking a place on automatic forming lines. We realize also individual and short series orders with hand forming. Our main products are impellers, pump casings, covers, sockets, cylinders.

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We deliver fully machined parts which are ready for installation.
In case of lack of technical possibility for final machining we offer pre-machining for a very attractive price to control quality of metal before parts are sent to the customer.

Machining of many kind of toothed wheels is possible.



LK Iron Foundry

We are an official sales representative of LK Iron Foundry for the foreign markets.
LK Iron Foundry is private firm and manufactures castings made of GG20 and GG25 grey iron.
LK Iron Foundry is the only foundry in Poland to have a new generation moulding automat DISA 230C which meets best quality and productivity requirements, producing 500 moulds per hour. It has vertical partition of the mould with dimension 675x550x(120-405). There is a second forming line of HWS Company with HSP forming automat and box sizes 800x650x250 mm for your disposal.



Moulding sand is converted in fully computerized station equipped in cooler and mixer RV24 of Eirich Company. Cores are made according to a technology of hot core-box and CO2.
Good quality of castings is guaranteed by
- selecting a proper metallic charge
- control of charge and auxiliary materials
- systematic control of liquid iron
- testing a structure and mechanical proprieties.

Let us suprise you with good price, quality and delivery time. We are waiting for your inquiry, which you can send us by going to [contact us].